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Fun Facts about Bachelorette Strippers

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Bachelorette StrippersBachelorette Strippers are a fun addition to the final fling. Hiring bachelorette party strippers can sometimes be misinterpreted by people. Bachelorette parties hire male strippers not because they want the bachelorette to get laid, but just for the fun of it! It’s purely for visual entertainment; something to tease and taunt the bachelorette.


But did you know the history of strippers and stripping? We found some interesting and outrageous facts about strippers; we had so much fun reading it so we’d like to share it with you!


Stripping started in the 1960′s. It began in America with a topless dance at the Condor night club in the night of June 19, 1964. The bottomless dance followed after 5 years in the same club. There were only female strippers during that time.

However, the word stripping was introduced earlier in 1681 in the comedy “The Soldier’s Fortune” by Thomas Otway. And in 1938, the term “striptease” surfaced.

Male stripping came later in the 1970′s. But in the underground world, there may be some male stripping happening around before that.

There are more female strippers compared to male strippers. In population, only 8% are male strippers while the rest of the 92% are female.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest male stripper is Bernie Barker. Bernie was 60 years old when he started stripping. And amazingly, he won 42 stripper contests. He died 2007 from prostate cancer.

Strippers have different earning potentials and their salary varies. Although sources say that female strippers earn more than males.

The movie “Magic Mike” is about the lives of male strippers. (You girls should watch this! Channing Tatum is so hot in that movie!)

Most male strippers enjoy the experience of stripping because it offers them money, girls, and a freaking good time. Compared to female strippers, males feel more power when they are onstage. A lot of male strippers feel great when hundreds of women are screaming for them. (Oh well, I guess it’s the male ego at work!)

Feel like hiring a male stripper for a bachelorette party?

Watch out for our next article where we fill you in with some details and tips on hiring a male stripper for your bachelorette party!



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