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Top 5 Bachelorette Survival Kit

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Top 5 Survival KitHaving a bachelorette girl’s night out party? Well, be sure not to leave the house without the bachelorette survival kit!


The bachelorette Survival kit contains everything the bachelorette and her friends need on the night-out! Well the contents of the box usually are some girly and kinky stuff, but it’s up to the organizer to decide what’s gonna be in it.


We searched the net for some pretty creative women and we found our Top 5 Bachelorette Survival Kit ideas!


Bachelorette Survival KitBachelorette Survival Kit Package – We absolutely adore how they went way beyond to make this beautiful survival kit. The map they created is just lovely and the contents are absolutely divine!




Chinese Take-out Box Survival Kit Chinese Take-out Box Survival Kit – Economical, easy, and amazingly beautiful! This bachelorette survival kit is indeed an eye-catcher! Plus, it’s pretty resourceful how they were able to think of using a plain chinese take-out box and turn it into such a pretty little survival kit!




Brown Paperbag Bachelorette Survival KitBrown Paperbag Bachelorette Survival Kit – As we always say, simplicity is beauty. This one is a classic. It’s simple, cozy, and adorable. It’s much lighter to the pocket too.





Bachelorette Party Survival Kit TumblerBachelorette Party Survival Kit Tumbler – If creativity is the criteria, I think this one wins it! It’s marvelously offbeat! This one is surely one of the best and unique bachelorette survival kits we’ve ever seen!





Lunchbox Bachelorette Survival Kit Lunchbox Bachelorette Survival Kit – If you want something neat, organized, easy, and creative, then this one has it all! The cute little lunchbox has expanded its purpose! Plus, you can even incorporate the invitation with it!





Bachelorette survival kits are definitely a necessity when you girls are going for a bachelorette night-out party! It’s what you need to survive the night and in case of emergencies.


Visit us next week and we’ll feature an article on how to make your very own, do-it-yourself bachelorette party survival kit!


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